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Obrázkové vtipy :: Skvělé vtipy

Strong and deserved scoody froody. As long as no one was injured in the making of this emotional christmas present.

Check out this video of a guy witnessing a car crash, I know it sounds kinda boring but trust me this sounds like a really funny car crash

Police Cars -vs- A (one) Tractor

A farmer from Newport, Vermont was arrested for marijuana possession…and this was what he decided to do.

Sad, Safety, Security Guard

Car Wreck crushed by landslide in El salvador

and that was my car today after i went off the road backwards lol

Thank You! Its about time somebody else call it out! A Honda does not count as a truck. Ram, Chevy, Ford or GMC are the only real trucks!

Honda Ridgeline - it's not a truck! It's an SUV with a birth defect.

One of us (3)

The New NSX Just Burned To The Ground At The Nürburgring

How do we know the upcoming 2016 Acura NSX will be a legitimate supercar? An NSX prototype apparently burned to the ground during Nürburgring testing today.

ΓΝΩΜΗ ΚΙΛΚΙΣ ΠΑΙΟΝΙΑΣ: Απανθρακώθηκε μέσα στο αυτοκίνητό της 64χρονη  Σερ...

Another Electric Car Causes Fire - Breitbart

Obrázkové vtipy :: Skvělé vtipy

Obrázkové vtipy :: Skvělé vtipy

Ingram/Bill Longhorse/Gus Salmon I don't give a damn that your car's on fire It ain't none of my concern And I don't really care that you think I'm a liar.

Hipernovas!: Motores de super carros em chamas (18 imagens)