Serious Semis: Extreme Custom Big Rigs - Fosil Fueled - Fosil Fueled

if i were ever a trucker, as much as i like shiny stuff i would have to make my truck as drak/badass/scary as possible because I think it's really rude when people cut off trucks and well i would scare them with my scary truck

Peterbilt 379 photos, picture # size: The 379 was Peterbilt's flagship truck from 1987 until the 2007 model year keeping the nameplate's trademark long-nose styling

OD Green Peterbilt, shameful nasty paint scheme on a sharp trick triaxle battle wagon.

Creative Point of purchase displays and exhibition booths for trade-shows created by inspired by artistic design and architecture. Give Steve a call at (262) 781-3100 ext 17

Pop Up Shop Design / Retail Design / Semi Permanent Retail Fixtures / VM / Retail Display. I would so love to have this food my business!