Santi delle catacombe - Scheletro delle Catacombe romane

- Waldsassen, Germany, detail of St. The Basilika at Waldsassen holds the largest extent collection of presumed skeletons of martyrs from the Roman Catacombs still on display. There are ten ful -

prawn-blog:  Skeletons of Saints in luxurious clothes and real...

Not really sugar skulls, but these are beautiful! In a creepy sort of way, maybe. the Fantastically Bejeweled Skeletons of Catholicism’s Forgotten Martyrs - Skeleton bound, tab. X, The Anatomy of the Human Body, 1740.

biomedicalephemera: Skeleton of an Adult Male Posed to most effectively convey limb relation to torso anatomy. The Anatomy of the Humane Body: Edition VI. William Cheselden, Hm, I’m not quite convinced that’s what the pose is for…

nava lubelski

[a cast of my left hand in the shape of a], thread, hair, found trimmings and pins, 2008 > NAVA LUBELSKI: artworks

Hello designer: Les sculptures crayon de Federico Uribe

Pencil sculpture by Federico Uribe, an idea for using all the tiny pencils left in school after art class

Kingdom by Ali Gulec:

Ali Gulec's Kingdom Skull POSTER

From the depths of the jungle comes.the animal kingdom skull monster of doom! Just kidding, but we did get this incredible art poster. Ali Gulec is an artist from Istanbul, Turkey whose work is vibr


Pure Candy Sculptures - The Osamu Watanabe Collection is Appetizingly Sweet (GALLERY)