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Hoping I haven't missed all the fall colors when I arrive this weekend in Colorado!

I moved to Colorado exactly two years ago. It was necessary at the time but so is being back in Texas right now. So is where you are right now. Now is everything and don't get stuck thinking your past or future are allowed to be part of that more than they should be.

Last day in Colorado looked a little something like this.

Every time I've been scared about a potentially life-changing choice I have made it's always been because it was the right choice - that which I learned after-the-fact. Moving to Colorado leaving Apple leaving Gaiam to go freelance relocating back to Texas and now - heading to Europe (with no return ticket or timeframe). I'm so terrified but also know how capable I am of taking care of myself. It's not even surviving that I'm worried about - it's the whole idea that this is yet another turn…

You either go backwards or forwards in life. I'm always going back and forth. Always changing my mind. One thing that is true that I always forget is no matter where I live or travel to I still have to deal with myself. Nature and hard work help me the most with having to live with myself. Hiking alone in snow is something I miss SO MUCH right now. This photo is from one of those hikes in RMNP last year. Since I don't have this right now I've got some decent trails to run here in Texas…

Simple and so true just add in lots of hard work -->"If you can dream if you can do it!" #chaseyourmoment >> Blog contributors wanted! Go to my website and click the "#chaseyourmoment menu option if you're interested in writing for my blog. I'm really excited and hope this project goes to the next level by opening it up to this awesome community!

Going to the mountains ist going home. You are your home. Finally in my last week of living in Colorado I get it. I had to move 1200 miles away for 1.5 years to discover it. Now I completely understand why there are so many prolific quotes about traveling the world to find something only to realize its been with you the whole time. I am Dorothy about to leave Oz finally seeing that home is not a place. There is definitely romanticism to be had and felt when one is in the mountains traveling…

I feel like I am where I am because part of me believed in myself enough to give myself a chance to succeed OR fail. I hope whatever it is that you dream of doing - you at least give yourself the chance to take the plunge. #Europiphany

I love when I find a memory card I forgot about and get to relive moments like this.

You know what I'm determined to do while away from Colorado? Find beauty everywhere. I had to shake loose the idea that if the place is beautiful so is your state of mind. Beauty can be everywhere. (but there are definitely no more @taradactyl02's in the world besides this one).