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Cute: Tiger Cub enjoying some grooming by Mom. Tiger Fact: Her saliva is antiseptic! By: Peter Hausner Hansen.


A rare white Indian tiger cub sits with its mother Surya Bara at a zoo in the city of Liberec, Czech Republic, Monday, Sept. These are almost completely extinct in the wild now due to poachers. Please read up and raise awareness.

Які тварини у 2017 році зникли назавжди: еколог назвав перелік

Asian Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a medium size (approx twice as large as a housecat) endangered wild cat found in Southeast Asian. Due to destruction of their habitat, their numbers have seriously declined over the last decade.

The lion sleeps tonight(Wolf Ademeit)

New Powerful Animal Portraits by Wolf Ademeit - My Modern Metropolis (Lions - my favourite animal)

Snow Leopard Cubs. Via Nature Gallery -fb

Such a shame to think these animals are on a red list of globally endangered species.

This is the rarest cat on earth--the Amur leopard. There are only 30 of these cats left.

Making her public debut Dec. this little Amur Leopard cub was born four weeks ago at Germany's Serengeti Park. Native to Russia's Far East, Amur Leopards are critically endangered with less than 40 estimated left in the wild.

Enjoy our photo of the day of a female cheetah and her playful cub, taken in South Africa's Phinda Private Game Reserve by Panthera Media Director, Steve Winter! Steve visited Phinda last summer to document some of the leopard conservation work being carried out through Panthera's Munyawana Leopard Project - http://www.panthera.org/programs/leopard/munyawana-leopard-project    Follow Steve on instagram @ http://instagram.com/stevewinterphoto/

female cheetah and her playful cub - Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa by Panthera Cats,


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Bengal tiger and cub. I first notice the vivid patterns & colours. Then Iv a tendency to use the process of comparison to help my understanding. Compare petting the crown of house cat in my palm with the dinner plate crown of this monster