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- 碩珍💓 嗯..我只截到一張能看的😂 粉髮美呆😍 親天使雕像嘛🗿 是泰泰嘛是嘛 腦洞大開😎 嗯剛剛在用社會 2:00多才有時間去看MV⌚️ 下一篇玧其為9:00a.m.😂✨ #wings #bts #bloodsweattears

Osiria Rose - New Vessel ▶ 9

Jin Blood Sweat and Tears

Jin Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood, Bts Wings, Seokjin, Eat

Blood, Jin, Gin

Papa Yoongi and Mama Seokjin with their son, Jungkook.




☆"We will fly to the moon"☆

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