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ShadAmy Love Desire by Moonlightjoy

alone shadamy! this is how it was suppose to be at first when beginning drawing them but I was interested in the love triangle Sonic/Amy/Shadow now&nbsp.

little shadamy comic pg3

hehe and look as a special bonus i even added some shadin on the kissin scene! i hope you guys notice tht arrow at the bott. little shadamy comic

I am all of Me by BUGHS-22

A picture for second contest for I am so glad I finished it in time, thanks to Natakiro who prolonged the deadline. I am all of Me

51- On impulse he kissed her forehead the skated off into the woods. She stood there watching him. She was in a daze. Shadow had just kissed her. What should she do? Everything was confusing. That day she had realized that she loved Sonic as a brother not romantically. Manic, Sonic's brother, seemed to imply that he liked Amy. Honestly, Amy thought she liked Manic. Now, she didn't know what to think. She then started her walk to knothole.

Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose © Sega/Sonic Team ShadAmy


Silver the Hedgehog - Sonic and the Black Knight - Sir Galahad Artwork Note: So I only know a smattering about this guy, but what I've heard is an interesting enough story.

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