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Tradução: "Esses dois foram feitos um para o outro"

The power to create and the power to destroy MLaCN

I can't and won't get over this scene! MLaCN

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MLaCN Edit is (c) lucky_marrinett

Glamorous Marinette and Chloe (Miraculous LadyBug)

pinenuttrekkie: redworld96: I never thought this day would come … and now I am wondering: who is the villain in Volpina’s episode? AND LITERALLY NO ONE NOTICES THAT THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES IN CLASS THAT HAVEN’T BEEN AKUMATIZEDAlso idk maybe actually they get akumatized and they need Volpina’s help to cleanse the akuma PLS LET THIS HAPPEN WITH LADYBUG

Plagg @cat