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Cheiridopsis purpurea 春意玉

Cheiridopsis purpurea 春意玉


69 Tips for Cactus Arrangements in Containers and Landscapes -

Crassula "Moonglow" 紀の川

Crassula "Moonglow" 紀の川

What are you...other than AWEEESOME!  Paligona

Paligona Mating between Parida and Zaragoza. I tried to compare it because I also have Echa named Parigosa, but it is together even if I see it. It seems like the same thing as the Daina GC product.

Senecio haworthii

"Senecio haworthii - "Cocoon Plant" or "Wooly Senecio". Native to South Africa. Flowers are yellowish-orange. Less water during winter months. Protect from frost. Bright light, hardy to F.

Rhombophyllum nelii

Rhombophyllum nelii --have one