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Last glance. Run, wild horses Run for your lives…

Life is Beautiful.I am BLESSED to work with a Paint named Paradise at the stable where I volunteer with their therapeutic riding program in Parker, Colorao!

Pinion is a mustang. She lived in the wild until she was a six year old. She is…

wild mustang horse stallion round up. Wild horses should always be free.

Photographing Wild Horses Has Left Me In Peace

Photographing Wild Horses Has Left Me In Peace. Even though so many of these beautiful peaceful creatures have been rounded up and taken to slaughter houses. Youre at peace?

Its All Good

I can't be the only one who wants to yell at her to put her hand down, bump her horse, collect, and put her legs back, and put a helmet on.

Sorraia mustang

Bay Dun - result of dun dilution gene acting on bay horse which lightens coat color; darker shading on face and legs, dorsal stripe down the back, and zebra stripes on the legs and shoulders

poulain et sa mère !!!!...

"Love you Mama" Mother getting loved on by cute baby foal with a loving nuzzle hug. So cute. Mare is lying down in the lush green grass.

Dutch draft horse stallion - Astor van de Vliert

He looks like a giant stone statue :) Dutch draft horse stallion named Astor van de Vliert

Prince and Nero

The buckskin, Prince, and the much larger perlino, Boo, tangle. Prince is a tough little stallion and was able to hold his ground.