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This Sunday summer hunk is Zac Efron. Every Sunday in July there will be a new summer hunk crush. If you want to give your suggestion for a summer hunk – then go to our Instagram profile: http://instagram.com/vila_clothes_official and tell us who the summer hunk should be next sunday. #summerhunk #crush

There is only ONE Zac Efron. And his name is Zac Efron. | Why Garrett Clayton Is Not Like Zac Efron

26 Times Zac Efron Has Blessed Those Around Him

Little Zac. I can't remember the exact name of this movie but he was incredible.- the Incredible Journey maybe? Miracle something?

When this pavement was walked on by the body of this angelic being.

Zac Efron Went Skateboarding Through A Grocery Store.....if that is not lazy i dont know what is

When the photographers tried to capture the spirit of Zac so that they could pass on proof of presence to their grand kids.

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