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Maddeleine supported Hermione, but even she had to admit that SPEW may have been the worst name in the history of anything.

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Charms - Light- The Standard Book of Spells, Grade One by Miranda Goshawk / Harry Potter A-Z Challenge


I think this is truly a beautiful picture. As flawed as they were, in the end the Malfoys chose each other.they chose family. Well, in the books they choose good as well as family. And I guess Draco chooses someone else but whatever.

Инсендио — поджигающее заклятие. Заклинание относится к Чарам Воспламенения. Имеется в виду огонь как таковой, магический огонь, не требующий какого-либо горючего. Также заклинание используется для оглушения Ядовитой тентакулы или для того, чтобы заставить завять Колючку обыкновенную.

The Fire-Making Spell, also known as the Fire-Making Charm (Incendio) is a charm and a form of Conjuration that can be used to conjure a jet of orange and red flame, thereby setting things alight.