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Ndatté Yalla foi a Rainha do Reino de Waalo, um reino localizado onde hoje é a República do Senegal, após a morte de sua irmã, Djeumbeut Mobdj. Ela exibiu todos os atributos de um líder Waalo: Pai David Boilat tirou uma foto de seu fumo, cercada por seus guerreiros femininos em roupas cerimoniais. Ela lutou contra a colonização francesa e, por exemplo, recusou-se a ceder a ilha de Saint Louis para os franceses, apesar das ameaças do governador francês.

1853 Ndatté Yalla was Queen of the Kingdom of Waalo, a Kingdom located where is now the Republic of Senegal, after the death of her sister, Djeumbeut Mobdj. She exhibited all the attributes of a Waalo leader

The Lie of the Kongo Ambassador

Kongo chief of Nemlâd, near Banana, Lower Congo, Congo Free State

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Prince Nicolau, Kingdom of Kongo Dom Nicolau, prince of Kongo (c. is perhaps the earliest African leader who wrote publicly to protest colonial influences. “ Nicolau, or Nicolas, protested.

África: as pessoas do Oeste Africano costa - Gabão, Guiné, Senegal ...    Auguste Racinet, de Le traje historique (A história do traje) vol. 2, sob a direção de A. Racinet, Paris, seis volumes publicados entre 1877 e 1886.

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Africa: people from the West African coast: Gabon, Guinea, Senegal… Auguste racinet, from Le costume historique (The costume history) vol. under the direction of A.

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Conheça o Rei Bansah: Monarca de Meio Período, Mecânico em Tempo Integral | VICE | Brasil

Conheça o rei Bansah: monarca de meio período, mecânico em tempo integral

King Bansah, Part-Time Monarch of the Gbi Traditional Area of Hohoe, Ghana and a Full-Time Auto Mechanic [OS]

AFRICAN KINGS by International Photographer James C. Lewis | Mansa Kankan Musa (1280 – 1337) more commonly known as Mansa Musa was the tenth Mansa, which translates as

400 billion King Mansa Musa of the century — he may be the richest person…

They left Vila Rica with the tropeiros on May 19, 1789, heading south on the road to São João del Rei. The two muleteers were hard-drinking, taciturn men, who asked few questions about André's request to accompany them, though they suspected it was connected with the excitement at Vila Rica.  -- from Brazil, a novel by Errol Lincoln Uys

Illustrated Guide to Brazil, the epic novel by Errol Lincoln Uys

(1895) Embassy of the King of Kongo, Angola

Embassy of the king of Kongo, Angola

Garcia II Nkanga a Lukeni a Nzenze a Ntumba, also known as Garcia Afonso for short, ruled the Kingdom of Kongo from 1641 to 1661; he is sometimes considered Kongo's greatest king for his religious piety and his near expulsion of the Portuguese from Angola.

Portrait of the King of Kongo/Germany? by Albert Eckhout African King Moorish King

Céphas Bansah of voluit koning Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah woont in Duitsland, maar regeert over meer dan 200.000 mensen in Ghana per fax, telefoon en email.

“ “King Bansah is an african King. He lives and works in Ludwigshafen/Germany as a car-mechanic and governs his people from there. King Bansah does a lot of activites and performances to collect money.

Only known drawing of King Shaka standing with the long throwing assegai and the heavy shield in 1824 - four years before his death - The Zulu Tribe and their legendary King Shaka Zulu

Probably no other Zulu monarch is as famous as King Shaka, and with good reason. Through his innovative military tactics and successful wars.

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Lake Malawi full sheet of watercolour paper arches. Framed to match and I just loved painting the re © Shirley Charlton

Depiction of a leader, merchant, and soldiers in the kingdom of Kongo (Angola), ca. 1675

Depiction of a leader, merchant, and soldiers in the kingdom of Kongo (Angola), ca.

Benin (capital Porto Novo) in West Africa.

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