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Calvin and Hobbs *-*

Funny pictures about Calvin and Hobbes Bento Box. Oh, and cool pics about Calvin and Hobbes Bento Box. Also, Calvin and Hobbes Bento Box photos.

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On Disney Again! Nightmare Before Christmas Bento

Puzzle bento! I can't wait for the kids to go to school so I can make these!

Puzzle bento box lunch In this lunch, there is a puzzled sandwich, with grapes, puzzled fruit leather and half of a granola bar. Packed in a Smart Planet Eco Lunch Box.

Minions bento

Japanese bento boxes offer a fun and inventive way to making meals. Here are some ideas.

Someone on Reddit created several scenes in which Calvin and Hobbes were Photoshopped into real photos. This blog has several, and they're amazing! They speak to Watterson's art.

Calvin and Hobbes Photoshopped into Real Life Scenes

Calvin and Hobbes on Gocomics.com

Horoscopes MUST be true! - loving it ? just click! - clickhere if you would like more pictures

mozart. food. SO WEIRD. I kinda want to eat it no lie..

From animal inspiration, to recreations of the most classic artistic masterpieces, these amazing bento boxes prove that food might very well be the ultimate form of art.

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Immature Cartoon Food - This Homer Simpson bento box and Sideshow Bob food carving belong to the some of the best edibles I have ever seen.

WALL-E, 2008 | 50 Magical Disney Movie Bento Boxes

50 Magical Disney Movie Bento Boxes

Heres to all Calvin and Hobbes fans

Here's to all Calvin and Hobbes fans

Calvin and Susie got married! and they had a child and named her Bacon! and now she and Hobbes are buddies! I love it! I'm a nerd lol (Hobbes & Bacon

Calvin and Hobbes Goofy Faces Poster Print. $49.99, via Etsy.

Calvin and Hobbes Stamp 2010 - Comic Strip Newspaper News Paper Sunday Funnies daily comics funny humor satire character syndicate Kid Tiger animal imagination imaginary

From "32 Creative and Interesting Bento Boxes": Wallace and Gromit!   How-to: http://susanyuen.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/wallace-and-gromit-bento-96/

32 Creative and Interesting Bento Boxes

This Wallace and Gromit Bento Box is so cute. Wallace is a pear shaped rice ball with little rice ball ears and nose and cheese teeth.