AHAHA! This.crack me up

“Naruto stole both Sasuke and Sakura's first kiss Credits to the artist. ” I feel bad for Sadara

Yep this is me but i don't have a fangurl crush on these characters but still better than 1D or Justin beiber

Yup this is me! Kakashi,gaara,Sasuke, and Naruto are times better than Justin Beiber or Then again, I pile of mud is better than Justin Beiber 😜

Bem isso

Eu com o Newt Scamander, com o L, com o Capitão Levi, o Eren, o Loki.

<3__<3  LMAO! could not be any more true!

And with these ingredients professor utonium created the perfect man and thus Kakashi was born

<3 Kakashi Copley.... But that lady that's staring at him must be like "wtf"

Kakashi lmao - and he'll be late as ever because he'll be 'Lost on the path of smu-ERRrr.^__^' What I meant is he'll be lost on the path of. (^w^ I MEAN LIFE DAMMIT.

Hatake Kakashi, pervert, book, Hokage; Naruto

Shodaime, Nidaime, Sandaime, Yondaime and Godaime: *Collective deep, resigned sighs*