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this actually happened to me yesterday im not even kidding

this actually happened to me once I started going insane and people said I started to sound drunk.

i would say relatable but i'm hecka loud during presentations lol #v #bts

i would say relatable but i'm hella loud during presentations lol

bts who??...lol but whyyyy is it like this,this is upsetting and unfair

BTS? Whats Behind The Scenes ?

I would take the chance of meeting BTS and recognize them for their incredibly insane talent ❤️ << yeah but if pretend you aren't a fan you can still do that but have a higher chance of meeting them XD

Isso se não rolar vkook, jikook, entre outros shipps... Aí diminui os integrantes disponiveis pras armys ;-; mas eu ia ficar bem feliz se meus shipps se realizassem enfim

Over 7 billion people are in this world. only 7 of them will marry BTS, and i will not be one of them:( 😭😭😭 May the odds ever be in ur favor

sigh...i know their real name, stage name, other names, all nicknames, and can match single body parts to names...

That's exactly what happened with me 3 months ago //BTS- OMFG LMAFO 😂💘💘 This is so wht happens