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Anime Boy - It seems really different from the usual stuff you see. The graffiti, and his shirt, and just the street style is really neat. Interesting how his shirt says God bless you. And blood prayers.

that would be something the kiddos could try for their small wood paintings...

Vintage Baseball Canvas Wall Art in Red

Q: anime girl with headphone. Why do i love anime girls with headphones so much?'cause those headphones are adorbs.

hakuouki ssl | Tumblr

hakuouki ssl | Tumblr

Soooooooo cute!!!

miku green hair version (Again, I don't make these pics, I just think they r pretty cool)

Kể về cuốc chiến giữa các gia tộc và Kim Ngưu là nhân vật chính. Ngắn… #bíẩnthriller # Bí ẩn / Thriller # amreading # books # wattpad

(All Kim Ngưu) Hỗn chiến

A woman got transmigrated into the body of a beautiful but useless yo… Fantasy

Holy frick, Explorer is cute as f*ck with that ahoge and super Uke face!! >w< I SHIP HIM WITH CHROME!! :D:

Internet Browsers, Personified

Holy shit, Explorer is cute as f*ck with that super Uke face! I ship him with chrome. And FireFox with Opera.Nobody wants Safari xD

Akihiro [Writing Takes You Away] "Um.. Akihiro.. what are you doing?" "Oh ya know. Sipping coffee and daydreaming on a bridge." >.

Akihiro [Writing Takes You Away] "Um. Sipping coffee and daydreaming on a bridge.

B-PROJECT || Ryuji Korekuni || Kitakore

Ryuji Korekuni es un miembro de Kitakore. Ryuji appears as a young man who has a somewhat.

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Bronya Zaychik : Bronya is an obtainable character of Guns Girl - School Day Z. She is voiced by Kana Asumi and Kana Hanazawa. Note: She was voiced by Rie Kugimiya

もしもLが外科医だったら…… という妄想で興奮してます。  ポケットにはペロペロキャンディと板チョコを常備してます。泣いてる子供にあげたり、自分で食べたり。医者のくせに糖尿寸前だったりしてください。  内科医の夜神先生が病気を見つけて、外科医の竜崎先生がオペしてください。その逆も良き。 一匹オオカミでセクシーで天才でたまに見せる笑顔がキュートで看護婦さん達にキャーキャー言われてたらなお良き。オペの前に「私、失敗しないので」って言ってくださいお願いします。甘いものとオペが大好きな竜崎先生。オペの時はもちろん裸足。  あぁ尊いカッコイイ…医者のL沼に頭からダイブして今夜も眠れません。私もオペしてほしい。妄想駄文失礼しました。

Initially, I thought this was an older version of Kyoya Ootori and I think my ovaries exploded.

Ultimate fangirl!

Entry for Anime Expo's Art Show 2013 This year's theme was 'History of Fandom' and I made it into semi final I guess. It will be really kind if you co. Anime Expo Art Show:: Otaku's room