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From the Underground city of Brutheim, beast-men soldiers venture out to the lands of men to round up human slaves from the 'Outer World', to toil endlessly in the Land of Always Light.

"Chaos Warriors" by Fabio Gorla

Borgnine's Painting Blog * * * Terrorgheist miniature painted for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, or Age of Sigmar if need be. Giant undead dragon-sized bat. I gave it some simple swamp basing. In AoS it would belong to the Flesh-Eater Courts, Death Grand Alliance.

A Terrorgheist from GW painted in August 2015 - the first miniature I painted after moving my whole workshop to Berlin.

Orc War Boss & Goblin Shaman

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ArtStation - Grn Grimgor Ironhide , Vlad Costin

always wanted to make an Orc, so my dream came true Grn Grimgor Ironhide for Warhammer Total War is coming)) In game model