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Warhammer Ellyrian Knights

The Ellyrian Reavers, or Reaver Knights, are a famous formation of elite Ellyrian horsemen who.

When young elves first join the milita, they will begin as archers, fighting with longbows. This allows them to gain war experience from a relatively safe distance. After a decade or so, they will become spearman, fighting with a spear and shield. This is the senior arm of the militia, and are expected to fight bravely in the main line of battle. Spearmen wear light armour and shields and archers may have light armour.

High Elf Archers are disciplined, keen-eyed citizen-militia that serve the armies of Ulthuan as.

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Illyriel, a Warhammer High Elf female warrior. Illyriel_the_Shieldmaiden_by_sandara.jpg the term 'shieldmaiden' is only used to refer to Scandinavian/Germanic female warriors,

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Greek God Zeus God of: Sky and Thunder Son of: Cronus and Rhea Roman Name: Jupiter

Warhammer Dragon Princes

Dragon Prince

Warhammer Dragon Princes

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