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Mass Effect 3 Characters by Patryk Garrett

Mass Effect 3 Characters by Patryk Garrett

Personal art of Mass Effect. The fifth picture featuring Grunt I tried to catch savage/killer look in that work. As well as to introduce interesting/bad. Mass Effect 3 - Grunt

Oh my god. This is the truth now. Whoever thought of this should be a writer.

Ending Spoilers. "May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead." Quotes used from the goodbye scene with Garrus. Like many, Mass Effect 3 was an emotional roller coa.

Mass Effect canon timeline outside the games

This was posted on r/masseffect but I thought I’d share it here since I had a discussion on this a while back.

I knew it by chaos6x9.deviantart.com. Ha ha, that's one way to find out!

Made with Photoshop The biggest asari secret has now been revealed I knew it

ME2: Check-up by *hanaraad on deviantART

Unlike Star Trek and most fantasy settings, different sentient species are NOT capable of producing hybrid offspring in Mass Effect.

Wouldn't this be easier than almost getting seduced by a psychotic Asari?

A comic about Samara's loyalty mission in Mass effect You can see the latest comics at my site: [link] Comic 'Vanguard of Seduction'

Mass Effect - The Asari by The-JoeBlack on deviantART

Credits: All characters, weapons and background belong to Bioware and EA Games Liara by Goha Asari Justicar and Vanguard by Goha S. Mass Effect - The Asari

A Tale of Condensation by OchreJelly.deviantart.com

A Tale of Condensation by `OchreJelly dawwww .I love the Tali/Shep romance

Hey Valentine by ImperatorAlicia

Mass Effect Valentines: Jack, Joker and Mordin fuckin got me and omfg little legion bby. The cutest ones are Joker and Shep.