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I think Rachael @Maddow IS attractive, but interesting to see she rocked long, blonde tresses in the past, too.

Rachel Maddow’s Yearbook Surprise – She’s a Blonde!

Truth be told...   A time when the republican party was all about common sense and fairness.

MSNBC commentator and Justin Bieber look-alike Rachel Maddow says ‘I’m in almost total agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican party platform. Maddow hasn’t read any Eisenhower-era Republican party platforms.

November 1999: "Hardball with Chris Matthews" debuts on msnbc

November "Hardball with Chris Matthews" debuts on msnbc

Really, Liberals are far too polite. "They" won't learn as long as we coddle them. From now on when a Trumper says something Stupid, tell them so.

(M) A great (and funny) quote from Bill Maher. Image from GOP : Greed. Posted on the Being Liberal fan page.

Lady Rachel. ....this is just so cool!

Lady TheoloGOP on

“ Brains and heart. You knock me out, Rachel.

Ellen DeGeneres Knew Her Selfie Would Crash Twitter, Originally Planned to Crop Meryl Streep Out | E! Online Mobile ...Now that's funny!!

Ellen Knew Her Selfie Would Crash Twitter, Planned to Crop Meryl Out

Here's that super fun Oscars selfie orchestrated by Ellen Degeneres that included Meryl, Bradley, Julia, Brad, Jennifer and more.

Best political commentary. Period.

My journalism job fantasy is working as a researcher for Rachel Maddow.