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Información sobre La 2da temporada De Miraculous Ladybug - Momento de la Diva ShaNua #wattpad #de-todo

Información,Imágenes sobre Miraculous Ladybug [2da temporada] - Momento de la Diva ShaNua

Ladybug and Chat Noir — peachbunni: candiirabbit: The Cinnamon Roll.

it hurrrrrrrttttsssssssss

Had this sitting in my WIP folder since the cupid episode came out, but with the latest ep I think everyone can appreciate Adrien dealing with nightmares ;D [Pl

LA SHANKLA VOLADORA! CUIDADO Xdd pero nunca l aria eso a chat noir prefiero k cante toda la noche xDD

Imagine it with the Tom & Jerry ep where Tom as Chat Noir was serenading to a Cat Lady except Mari is not the Cat Lady, she is Jerry who's trying to make Chat to stfu.

I need Tikki and Plagg too :"v. Emergency >:""v

Marinette complaining about having small boobs and Plagg drags Tikki into Mari's shirt then Adrien lures Plagg put with cheese then Cata-Kills-em << OMG cata-kills-em?

Awww So purr-fect!!!

It'll probably end up as Mari against Adrien, though, because they have much more stamina than Alya and Nino.

#miraculousladybug, #miraculous

Freshly baked meme for you

miraculousladybug, miraculous << I love how Alya drags Marinette carefully but Nino just drags Adrien by his foot << Nino and Alya are the perfect wingpeople and I love them

They're helping (part 1/2) (Miraculous Ladybug)

Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir - Alya's help - Think happy thoughts Part - Marinette Alya Adrien Agreste

Gotta catch them aaaaall...

Gotta catch them all by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt XD Gotta catch 'em all

Nuevas transformaciones de ladybug

"Breathe And Move Underwater" No, I don't think you understand, EVERYTHING can move underwater.