Yeah they changed a lot. What a changr

It's funny because only Alison we watched grow up the rest we just watched the makeup and wardrobe change

Pretty Little liars

Sometimes I think Hanna is the dumbest, but then Aria has spoken.

Cece had such a hard life and was finally turning it around. She didn't deserve to die

Posted: August Cece Drake was in 10 episodes before she was unmasked as Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis, Alison’s sibling, …

I love them four together. Especially in season 6 when they get drunk during the girls prom!!!

All of the mothers have had their own generation of liars. They have created the Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty little liars real ages

Pretty Little Liars Cast: Their real ages Toby and Ezra are in the perfect age requirements!