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Little things I love, listening to music on road trips . just girly things

I wish I had fast internet, but I have a Cell-com internet box, and it's so slow. Maybe it's because I live on a remote island, but other places have super fast internet.. :/

I love fast wifi! But we're I live it's so slow but it's amazing when there fast wifi


And the excitement when other people open packages! the excitement on their face

Chocolate milkshake, it brings all the boys to my yard, lol.  (reasonstolovebeingalive.tumblr.com )

Just Girly Things, come by Two Sisters Koffie and get one of our real ice-cream milkshakes! Hahahaha my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard!

Just girly things

This is so bad, hahah did at school its like the gum is a gazelle and they are…