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Radiance by ~Canyx design Ho-oh nya kereeen

Many people have requested Ho-oh as a tribal design. I felt sorta bad about the lack of submis.

Pin By Lugia Tattoo Design Abberz1 And on Pinterest

without them the pic looked awkward.and Lugia has none becau. Ho-oh and Lugia Tribal Commish

Dragonite Tribal by ElementalWolfSpirit

Dragonite in a tribal art style. Please do not redistribute, copy, or use without my consult and permission.

More Cool Pokemon Tribals

Tribal pokémon: Definitely I prefer nintale im think is the most nice Nintale_ suicune_ evolee I dont now what is the name of the other pokémon :/

Tribal Eevee Tattoo by ~oykawoo on deviantART

If i were to ever get a pokemon tat, it would be this one. Tribal Eevee Tattoo by ~oykawoo on deviantART

Ho-oh Tribal by Silver-Drake

Another "tribal" pokemon, for fun. Just make sure to notify me here first, please c: Ho-oh Tribal