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https://flic.kr/p/f93ZSB | 電脳九龍城 ★Actually this one is not Kowloon Walled City but gives same atomosphere. Kowloon Walled City looked like an abandoned labyrinth while it existed there.Very sad It's already gone

Entrance ways like this are tucked into numerous nooks and crannies in Hong Kong. Looking at them again now as I try to imagine what ghosts might loiter here.

How does the addition of floral print to this scene transform the mood? by Guy Catling.  (Collage / Digital Art / Mixed Media )

black and white photos with fabric-like overlays by Guy Catling. (Collage / Digital Art / Mixed Media ) (What if the helmets reflected the personalities of the soldiers)

One of the great contributions to the richness of Hong Kong’s urban scene were without doubt the caged balconies that lined the elevations not only of the Walled City, but also of many of the city’s other older tenement buildings. Sadly now but a distant memory, since they were classified as illegal structures in the late 1990s and torn down, these practical and otherwise very necessary additions to life in a tiny apartment were a source of constant delight.

Week 8 - As the needs of the people is paramount, we should figure out the needs of the residents to realize and prioritize their needs. Only then we can construct a space that serves its purpose completely.

Intervenções urbanas do brasileiro Rage.

Intervenções urbanas do brasileiro Rage

An urban skatepark covered in graffiti art work, Marseilles skate park is both beautiful and expansive. As Frances largest outdoor skate park, skaters from all over europe stop by to grind on the various painted bowls and verts.

Montana Cans x Nils Müller Competition

Photographer, Nils Müller, is releasing his second book called “Vandals” and to celebrate Montana Cans have come up with a brilliant limited edition can.