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Tip Toey Joey traz no seu DNA a paixão pela criança e pelo design. Cada coleção é mais um dos passos que desejamos dar com você e seguirmos juntos adiante.

Tip Toey Joey shoes, created by an Australian dad and Brazilian mum, carry the passion for kids and design, as well as a good dose of real parental practicality.

Abstract DNA animation. Motion graphics vector animated gifs http://tmblr.co/Z89ZBy1T3bo-_


DNA by Handel Eugene, via Dribbble

DNA Avatar Configurator - markus

kentson: Gif animation (TWIST Loop by Markus Magnusson) What .gifs were made for.

Shhh, everything will be okay. - Album on Imgur

Shhh, everything will be okay.

“colorful glowing orbs (code here) ” Speaking of ‘soothing’, I find this one really soothing :) Seems the animation speed differs though on smartphone and PC?


These GIFs Based On Geometry Will Blow Your Mind

recoveryofabrokenteen:hippies-like-us:communitycrook: paradisperdue: beesandbombs: circle wave This is very calming Peaceful as fuck.

yin_and_yang_animation___tutorial__download__by_ds_dna-d6z6aqe.gif (400×400)

Simple animation with Yin & Yang symbols.You can watch tutorial how to create this animation in Blender. Yin and Yang animation +tutorial

#GIF #maths #loop #GIFart #motion #design #science #DNA - from @darokin on Ello.

GIF, maths, loop, GIFart, motion - darokin

- from on Ello.

DNA Avatar Configurator - markus

DNA Avatar Configurator - markus


10 Relaxing GIFs That Will Mesmerize You


Dave Whyte / Sphere Line #gif #motion #animation

Sphere line

Dave Whyte / Sphere Line

Small animation DNA. Good to be used as a loader on any medical or pharmaceutical mobile or web apps. Good color design and inspiration

A Colourful Life

An old loader concept based on DNA (double helix).

●• Gestion, traitement, synthèse... des énergies lumineuses, sonores etc ...

DNA Strand

A unused element from the Workbrands animation.

Adidas Inovando com GIF

Adidas Inovando com GIF

Happy 4/20. We are just going to leave these right here.

Happy 4/20! Now Stare At These

Stare At These - Moving Tunnel in Space

2nd version of my Abstract DNA animation.   http://tmblr.co/Z89ZBy1TK6ybN

Abstract DNA 2 (GIF)

welcome gif animation ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Cloned Video Animations by Erdal Inci video art gifs animation

Cloned Video Animations by Erdal Inci

Impressive motion GIFs by Erdal Inci, an Istanbul-based filmmaker, graffiti artist, and photographer.