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Metal Gear Solid: Gameplay and Story Go Hand in Hand

Metal Gear Solid: Gameplay and Story Go Hand in Hand

Marie Romano Stroup Painting; Rebirth by alicexz.deviantart

Alice X. Zhang - “Rebirth” - Semi-finalist in Tomb Raider Reborn Contest 2013

Mesmerizing geometric GIFs from the Tumblr Bees and Bombs by David Whyte.

15 Geometric GIFs That Will Hypnotize You for Hours

Development Website of Robin Baumgarten, where I document experiments and games.

Ubisoft brings us the sequel to the highly anticipated, over hyped, yet underwhelming Watch Dogs. Ubisoft released Watch Dogs 2 on November 15th. Announced back in June a week before E3, Ubisoft showed many videos on what the team did to improve the gameplay and the game mechanics in an attempt to earn the public’s trust back when it came to the Watch Dogs brand. Does Watch Dogs 2 become the Microsoft of the tech world, or does it remain a start-up company never becoming big enough to get…

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it may look like a walnut...one of my favorites!

The Dick Van Dyke Show - it may look like a walnut.

Wow :)

While LOLing at these men's fashion ads from the just remember, every decade is looked back on with horror. And honestly, they're not all horrifying.

Secret Of Monkey Island (Commodore Amiga)

Secret Of Monkey Island (Commodore Amiga)

My Entry for the Tomb Raider: Reborn contest.. wish I could have more time since I've missed the message about the contest just found it last sunday evening. so now I need to have some rest

Winner of the Deviant Art Tomb Raider Reborn Contest: 'Chase' by Viktor Titov (Hamsterfly)

**************** INVENTORY NOTE: The new batch will be ready to start shipping in a few days. Were doing the finishing work on them now.

Stainless Steel Dice Metal Gaming Set by Butler's Specialty Dice