bruce and dick 2 by on @DeviantArt

Batman helping Dick get ready for school at Gotham academy. (Seems a little too sweet for Bruce and Dick)

Catching Jason Todd by ~CrimsonHorror  DAMIAN YOU LOOK SO CUTE AND TINY

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Bat-Family (c) to DC comics. This was Dick's master plan: [link] Jason Todd loves bread very much The next part is of Damian baking he he he: [link] Catching Jason Todd

Batman | Red Hood | comic | Robin

Batman"<<<< I fucking lost it with Bruce in the robin uniform<<< this is my fav batfamily comic

____ likes to eat...... ? by Beckx on DeviantArt

Oh Jason you and your stealing wheel habits. Sometimes you just TIRE BRUCE OUT! Tim needs to fight crime in an hour. (I just realized I put Jayson.

Batman and sons 2 by on @DeviantArt

Random picture about batman and his sons. Sometimes I wondering how it'll look like if I have 4 sons? Batman and sons 2

New Addition- Change of Plans by BuddhatheBob on DeviantArt

Candy outweighs torture every time Jason, Tim, and Dick (c) DC New Addition- Change of Plans

Come here robin..... This is making me cry a lot..... :,(

I imagine that as Jason reaching for batmans love and batman finally giving it…

Good job soldier. :D Damian needs help from Bruce and Dick to accomplish a difficult task.

Damian learning how to be a kid and Bruce learning how to be a dad❤️