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As 15 melhores obras de Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dali, La Main (Les remords de conscience), The Hand (Remorse),

“Time is what we want most............but what we use worst.”

Melted Clock, from Salvador Dali This clock artwork by Salvador Dali was displayed at the sidewalk of Orchard Boulevard in Singapore.

Salvador Dali >> Melancholy, 1942  |  (Oil, artwork, reproduction, copy, painting).

Melancholy Salvador Dali Date: 1942 Style: Surrealism Genre: symbolic painting

Salvador Dali and his Anteater walking out a New York subway in 1975. Doesn't get cooler than this!

Salvador Dali Taking His Anteater for a Walk. This is amazing. He even lived his life in a surreal manner. Who owns an anteater as a pet? Apparently Savaldor Dali, that's who.

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Most Famous Paintings: The Persistence Of Memory, by Salvador Dali (source: wiki)

Dali - one can #meditate on him.

Dali - one can on him. Before Surrealism, there was the Dadaist movement which influenced Surrealism, and artists like Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dali

Rosa Meditativa by Salvador Dali "Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating.