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Sometimes Supernatural is like "lol here's an oversized alcoholic teddy bear." And sometimes Supernatural is like, "this child is replaced by a changeling and almost kills her mother so the mother locks her child into a car and lets the car roll into a lake and when the mother gets back home the child is sitting at the counter." There is no in between.

supernatural is like either scary and sad, or makes you question if the writers were on crack while writing it.

Hahaha XD

I legit didn't realize it didn't say the post was about Supernatural until I went and read it again. the Sherlock comment.

Sam's hair. #Supernatural #Frozen the song is on youtube.com you can find it by searching let it grow supernatural

I don't watch supernatural, but this song is really funny anyway! :) Frozen-supernatural mashup let it go / let it grow<< as someone who watches, i can confirm this is amazing.

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I love how chuck/god ships destiel and does everything to get them together

I found it! The connection between Whedon and SPN!! Hahaha!! Ben Edlund. He turned Angel into a puppet.....nice guy.

Ben Edlund is my hero! For this and of course for turning Angel into a wee little puppet man.

although...the Dean cosplay looks a little startled like "wtf just happened?".......she doesn't look pleased....just saying. xD

Internet, I give you Misha Collins: the biggest dork who ever dorked and that just makes him even more lovable. (He's also the biggest destiel shipper!

I can't decide what my favorite part of this is. God being Dean's father-in-law? Satan his brother-in-law? The fact that that this conversation is about Dean and Cas getting married!


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16 things you didn't know-Supernatural: Eric Kripke's first version of the Supernatural pilot script ended with the Winchester brothers finding their Dad. He was dead on the ceiling!


Supernatural Harry Potter Crossover Sam Dean Winchester Gabriel Castiel This makes sense and this hurts my destiel Shopper

*UGLY, GROSS, VIOLENT SOBBING* Give that wonderful person a Pulitzer Prize because that was heart-breakingly incredible.

I am actually crying. Why fandom? I mean at least these are happy tears (mostly) but fandom? Why must you play with my heart?

We wait in the dark corners of hell, seizing every opportunity.

I love that death enjoys his pizza. Supernatural has a gif/image for everything

Supernatural fandom

Supernatural fandom It's The Walking Dean, everybody's been saying it wrong for a while now


I want a guy who will compliment me and use supernatural references at the same time. I will marry them OvO