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ANDREI TARKOVSKI DECLARA GUERRA À MEDIOCRIDADE. O diretor russo fala a respeito da crise espiritual e estética do cinema.

Tarkovsky Interruptus: Study of Andrei Tarkovsky and Stalker. A special presentation of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker with a panel of Tarkovsky faniacs that included film and sound editor Walter Murch and filmmaker Michael Benson, this is a quintessential view for all Tarkovsky lovers and is also a memorable study in filmmaking for filmmakers.

“Eu tento trabalhar como se eu estivesse numa corda estreita, com um precipício…

KIESLOWSKI FALA DA SUA VIDA. Nessa entrevista, o grande cineasta polonês Krzysztof Kieslowski fala do cinema, da Polônia comunista e do sentido da vida. Confira em

A director is like any other artist: a painter, a poet, a musician...I’d like to tell directors, especially young ones, that they should be morally responsible for what they do while making their films...Secondly, they should be prepared for the thought that cinema is a very difficult and serious art...You should belong to it, it shouldn’t belong to you. Cinema uses your life, not vice versa...[T]his is the most important: You should sacrifice yourself to the art. - Andrei Tarkovsky

In the cinema a director expresses his individuality first and foremost through his sense of time, through rhythm. Rhythm gives colour to a work by distinguishable stylistic characteristics. Rhythm must arise naturally in a film, a function of the director’s innate sense of life and commensurate with his quest for time. - Andrei Tarkovsky

What is a take? Between the words “Action” and “Stop,” what is it? It’s the fixing of reality, the fixing of time. It’s a way of preserving time so that we can later roll and unroll it as we please. No other art form can fix time as cinema does. And so, what is a film? It’s a mosaic made of time. - Andrei Tarkovsky

For the first time in the history of the arts, in the history of culture, man found the means to take an impression of time...He acquired a matrix for actual time...the virtue of cinema is that it appropriates time, complete with that material reality to which it is indissolubly bound, and which surrounds us day by day and hour by hour. Time, printed in its factual forms and manifestations: such is the supreme idea of cinema as an art. - Andrei Tarkovsky