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Acho que nunca o veremos chorar de tristeza

Dear God, I can't handle this. I rather it be happy tears then sad tears because I was about to go off on somebody if they made this sweet and talented boy cry.

Princess Chef Jin vs Swag Chef Suga | allkpop Meme Center

Princess Chef Jin vs Swag Chef Suga-- Suga seems to love Gordon Ramsay

Conclusion Yoongi is terrified of fireworks

If anyone scares my yoongi with fireworks you will have to greet a knife.

I love how competitive Jungkook is! The spirit we should be living!

I was the same before, but I eventually got tired of always trying to ace things. Still JK is awesome

❤️Suga xD

Lazy Suga again.sleeping while the other members are playing soccer LOL

We love you!!!❤❤❤❤❤

He once made a promise to never cry, because it was a sign of failure and weakness We love you, Yoongi!

WHO CAN BE CUTE LIKE HE ??? I said that a lot of moments anyone guys anyone.!

I love the way you are 💜 yoongi is so cute,I love this boy so much,I can't explain my feelings for you suga 💕 I just know I love you so much

Agust D vs Yoongi vs Suga

Yoongi: get u a man who can do both Me: but you are mine man 😭 Yoongi: ooh ya right I forgot 😏 Me: 😍😂😍

XD bts gif

Bangtan Boys, Jin, Suga lol his face is like alrighty then cutie Jin