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Harriet and Draquesha - Oh this gets me every time xD Whoever came up with this is a genius xD

A La Mode by puking-pastilles on DeviantArt OKAY OKAY SO MUCH DRARRY BUT IT'S SO FREAKING ADORABLE

Harry/Draco Fanart - À La Mode (PG) --- I'm one of those person that love the canon ship but can't stop myself from having another ship as a headcanon. Drarry in HP case

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Harry and Draco Genderbend by puking-pastilles--is it just me or does harry kinda look like ryuko matoi from kill la kill


This is an amazingly awesome headcanon! I like this… although the scar is not a lightning bolt, though it looks like that. It is the wand movement for Avada kedavra.

Read Teddy Lupin and the Mirror of Erised from the story Harry Potter Headcanons by emmuhlinh with reads.

Harry Potter in the books vs. Harry Potter in the movies, from artist Robin Tatlow-Lord

Funny pictures about Book Harry Vs Movie Harry. Oh, and cool pics about Book Harry Vs Movie Harry. Also, Book Harry Vs Movie Harry photos.

omg only true harry potter fans will get this...quirrell (do NOT make me explain this)

Theory: Voldemort ate a fucking unicorn right? And that means he will have a "half life" and cursed life. Ok so what if the half life is what caused him to not have a nose because honestly it would explain a shit ton.


Gender Swap Harry Potter

Gender-swapped Harry Potter - by maaria at deviantART - love the twins and Harriet getting all blushy .

i didn't know she was related to a mythbuster, but obviously her true name is Minerva Savage

i didn't know she was related to a mythbuster, but obviously her true name is Minerva Savage

McGonagall was the queen of sass especially in Order of the Phoenix<<Are you kidding me? McGonagall has ALWAYS been the queen, but not just of sass, she's just THE QUEEN.


When they figured out that maybe he was a bit dumb as well. <<<<<< he's not dumb. He's just looking for answers.