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This is perfection

This is perfection

Nice try Percy

herrnes: “ natroze: “ Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus 30 Day Challenge! Day Favorite book I’m gonna have to go with The TItan’s Curse, although House of Hades and The Last.


Frank the crazy dolphin

Baby Man! I'm dying!! My favorite part in whole book. I will always remember Frank as the Chinese Canadian Baby man goldfish.

"I will trample you to death silly Chinese Canadian baby man!

Mean girls Percy Jackson by thecottonproject on tumblr

Percy Jackson remembers Mean Girls quotes

How has no one realized. That was one of the main things I was thinking about. The rest of the time I was sobbing.

But in trials of Apollo he shows up at the end and supposedly will be in the next book a lot so that's good

Percy jackson qoutes

this is my favorite joke from the whole series. :) McHardy McHardy McHardy McHardy McHardy Taylor Bosen<<<Same this was the besstt

Hahaha Annabeth in the background!

Annabeth: Hey Leo I need your help.what does Percy know about being mature?

by viria:  "considering how much I actually love drawing Piper and Reyna I draw them ridiculously rare. So I wanted to fix that…queens<3"

Viria my fave Inspiration for my hair bc Piper is perf

“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.” (Although I don't really agree with the images of some characters most of them are pretty good XD)

A LOT of the pjo characters (the only thing i dont like is how old nico looks)

Why? Just why does those ships exist? Except percabeth. They're meant to be

Jason and Percy took it to a whole new level. But I wonder what Annabeth said to make Percy blush -> NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY THINGS<---------- i love you so much pinning for last comment:<< hahaha that was funny

Oh my gosh I’m actually laughing so hard and my dog is looking at me like are you okay though

Oh my gosh I’m actually laughing so hard and my dog is looking at me like are you okay though

Jasico part 3

themarkofademigod: “ Jason & Nico Blind AU Art: Minuiko (X) ”

Dang, poor nico

I'm re reading Blood Of Olympus and I couldn't help myself. (by Noelle Vott)