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#4 - Mingyu from Say the Name! SEVENTEEN! Perfect boyfriend/husband material. Not only can he do EVERYTHING AND do it well, he is HANDSOME AF and smart as a whip AND super sweet and caring. He makes my ovaries explode with such perfection.

kpop - mingyu seventeen (wtf im supposed to be loyal to vernon)

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Wtf is with this whitewashing tho? Where's his melanin? I hate this! Only vampires are THIS white. I want to see natural skin tones, whatever they are! Hear this, kpop: We like natural!

Mingyu! I told myself. I wouldn't get into anymore Kpop groups! BUT SEVENTEEN IS AMAZING!

Once again it stuns me how good looking the members of seventeen are, like look at Mingyu.

SEVENTEEN MINGYU #세븐틴 #민규 [LINE || @seventeen-kr]

SEVENTEEN MINGYU #세븐틴 #민규 [LINE || @seventeen-kr]