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That's me I've been waiting for him to post a dang picture. I've been waiting by my iPad for the deets. I am dieting Harry we all are


Dis ma jam<<< I've had Story of My Life and Diana stuck in my head ALL day! But who says thats a bad thing!

Want em back!

Liam the single father, Harry the clingy child, Zayn the bad boy, Niall the baby and Louis is that kid.

my Valentine>>> I'm going to bring pictures of the boys on 'our date' to my school on Valentine's Day

I date one direction when I watch night changes vedio :-P


When you realize there won't be an album this November 😔😔

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Omg this is funny cause I'm a larry shipper and this is the face Harry made when he saw Louis and Liam accidentally kiss😂😍👼💚💙

Whut? Omw....:O

My first thought was wow they look a lot alike. Second thought how did we find this. The FBI should seriously be hiring us. And my third thought, this is a Larry Stylinson child.

(I know, this is so out of the subject, buT IS THAT KENDALL?) I love him so much. I want him to hug me like that. (The first pic, of course.

Putting it on the record right now, I've always been a Niall girl :)

Liam the camera is right there. No there.. Nevermind

Hey it's not as bad as Zayn, he didn't know where the photoshoot was 😂