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This site is simply different photos of things to do before you die; a virtual bucket list.

@Devin Hunt Pollard <3

Love this 💗 she's learning all the time!


The Teen Bucket List: Photo May never happen I fall in love with those short boys <<< true but It'd be nice

Still to do after 7 yrs married!

Make a photo album of our Wedding Day

Midnight sky.

Fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive in the middle of nowhere to go stargazing. Worship under the stars. Listen to our favorite songs. Endless conversation about life, dreams and our God.

✔️ Wanna go back! --> This is my top traveling choice! I wanna go!

Vacation/FOT in Italy: visit Rome, eat authentic Italian food, go to the beaches, etc.

Done many times. ✔✔✔

before I die bucket list bucket-list Have a candle-lit bath -- haha with a glass of wine.

:) A.J.K. <3

A bucket-list and a place for all of us in long distance relationships to share our wants and dreams.

Starbucks <3

Bucketlist: The Original Starbucks. "Starbucks opened its first store in 1971 in the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. Because the Market is a historic district with design guidelines, the store retains its original look.

like tangled <3

Did this once and loved it! I dream of watching tangled with my future kids and releasing paper lanterns after we watch it and sing "I See the Light"

LOVE that this is what I will be doing with my husband Mitchell for the rest of my life Travel around the world with someone I love. [Your Bucket List.

fall in love/marry..same thing, right?


Fall in love with a cowboy. - number one crossed off my bucket list :)

I'm definitely looking forward for this. I just hope I'll have the courage to do so :)

bucket list: go skinny dipping- CHECK! maybe next time in a public place :)

See the Northern Lights


Someday I will see the northern lights.

I love books. I read on Kindle now, but I still want my own library.

Someday I'll have a huge thunderstorm room with books covering the walls and a rolling ladder, like Belle flings herself from in the bookstore in "Beauty and the Beast".

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