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Roxas: No, my sea salt ice cream! ~Roxas, Axel, and Xion

roxas x xion photo: Roxas and Axel and Xion



Aqua from Kingdom Hearts. She's freakin' awesome!

roxas xion sea salt ice cream axel

Roxas, Xion, Axel and their sea salt icecream

Kingdom Hearts | A New World

kingdom hearts - wreck it ralph

Namine & Xion

Naminé and Xion

Roxas' face hahaha

Saix, Roxas, Axel, and Xion

demachic:  Happy Akurokushi Day! Have some dapper Sea-Salt babies.. ~(。≖﹏≖。✿~) (edited the bg!)

Have some dapper Sea-Salt babies. ~(。≖﹏≖。✿~) (edited the bg!

RikuNami from 陸波つめ by くぅ @ pixiv

RikuNami from 陸波つめ by くぅ @ pixiv

Axel - Kingdom Hearts

Axel: Flurry of Dancing Flames - Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom hearts

Kingdom hearts ~~ Ventus, Vanitas, Roxas, and Sora!

Festival wear

The Trio. (Riku & Sora & Kairi) From Kingdom Hearts.

kingdom hearts | Tumblr

Kingdom hearts ~ Kairi glo up

Kingdom Hearts :))

Zerochan anime image gallery for Kingdom Hearts, Fanart.

Cuddly people for the shelf

*gives Van hug* you maybe evil but you still need hugs

beach time for organization XIII ! | Kingdom Hearts

beach time for organization XIII !