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31 Amazing Watercolor Tattoos Art Gallery

Tree Tattoo on the Upper Arm. As mentioned earlier, the tree tattoo can be placed on any part of the body. This tattoo is best placed on the upper arm with the beautiful combination of colors.

Watercolor tree shetch from Paulo Victor Skaz

Tree Tattoo with Sun. This tattoo can be portraying the process of photosynthesis, that is done by the plants in the presence of photosynthesis or is representing a variation of tree of life.

My sisters new tattoo! Beautifully done by Lindsay Carter at Opal Ink in Portland. Gorgeous watercolor willow tree.

Thigh Piece with Tree and Girl. The tree tattoo also depict the meaning of femininity, fertility, beauty and rejuvenation. So tree tattoos are must for girls.

Sketchy Watercolor Tree Tattoo on Shoulder

The Sketchy Watercolor Tree Tattoo on Shoulder by Ricardo Da Maia is a natural tattoo idea and it is unisex and looks incredible.

Watercolor Yggdrasil

Watercolor Yggdrasil