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YES or NO??? credit @yaybev #americanstyle

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“Finally got around to setting things up in my new sewing room a few weeks ago... {please ignore the clutter} I feel so happy every time I set foot in this…”

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Quando eu vi essa imagem do Nathaniel eu fiquei com uma única reação: Vixe, que que aconteceu? .-.

Unknown artist treatment of a portrait of Jerónimo Antonio Gil #pink #green #anxiety - Carefully selected by GORGONIA

Hello. My name is Katrina, a muggleborn (Although, not many people know that.) Slyhterin in my 3rd year here. I'm known to be very terse, stubborn, and, cunning (duh). Of course, as I am human, I have some good qualities to me as well. I'm optimistic, not a bad guy (I think), creative, and independent. On a different note, about Slytherins, for some reason everybody thinks we're all death eaters or something. Then again, basically everybody here doesn't know what a ballpoint pen is, so it's…

Sam Larson illustration from Instagram.