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Brian Jones

brian jones check the jacket

Got live if you want it!

Got live if you want it!

Brian Jones.... always looking cool.  #BrianJones

With cool shades and gold lipstick for "Jumpin' Jack Flash" promo film

Brian Jones And Mick Jagger - The Rolling Stones #rollingstones #brianjones #mickjagger

Guitarist Brian Jones and singer Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones performing live on stage at the Royal Albert Hall, London, September

Louise Ebel Pandora Citadel.

British musician Brian Jones was a founding member, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist of British rock band The Rolling Stones. Jones drowned in his own private swimming pool in Sussex, England on 3 July 1969 when he was

Brian Jones

Circa 1967 - Rolling Stone Brian Jones brought a special exotic/hip element that's missing from the band since his departure.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones ( The Rolling Stones ) guitar player my favourite Stones era was when he was in the band

The Rolling Stones, 1965.

The Rolling Stones, 1965

Brian Jones, The Rolling Stones

1966 in concert with classic Teardrop Vox .

Brian Jones

Brian Jones performs live on stage on the set of the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus at Intertel TV Studio in Wembley, London on December 1968

Brian Jones w/ sitar

Brian Jones features the sitar as the backdrop of the Rolling Stones' Paint it Black.

Brian Jones

Rolling Stone Brian Jones on the telly show "Ready, Steady, Go!

Brian Jones was considered a fashion icon for his unique and flamboyant style. He broke fashion rules with his off the wall clothing in the 1960s

Brian Jones poses backstage at the Ed Sullivan Show in September Because of Brians injured wrist the Stones sang live to a prerecorded backing track in their fourth appearance on the show.

Brian with Les Paul gold top with P90s at the Rock and Roll Circus


Brian Jones The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus 1969

Melanie Susan Potier, alias "Suki". Melanie Susan Potier , nacio el 14 De Noviembre de 1947 y murio el 23 junio de 1981 mejor conocida como...

Stones Please Don`t Stop: noviembre 2011 Brian Jones & Suki Potier - 1968 In Vienna, Austria (Photo courtesy of Interfoto)

Brian Jones

Brian Jones The Rolling Stones