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هم الذين اذا مروا بآية رحمه سألوها من الله، واذا مروا بآية عذاب استعاذوا منها

Taqwa does not only mean doing good deeds in large amount but it also includes stopping yourself from doing haram things. We all know the famous verse in the Quran where Allah tells us that He prescribed fasting for us so we may attain taqwa but how do we achieve this? Read in this article.

Have you ever wondered what intentions you have while reciting the Qur'an? Do you want to multiply your good deeds in a magnanimous way by having multiple intentions while reading the Qur'an? Are you looking for a quick and mind blowing way to fill your book with countless good deeds? Read this article to know more.

Чудеса Мухаммада (часть 2 из 3) - Религия Ислам