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We're Tyler and Dylan!" "And Dylan and Tyler!

fetus teen wolf cast, this is life!

They just got 10x hotter with puppies!

Tyler and Dylan

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This part was so cute... And then Jackson stabbed himself...and tried to kill everyone...and became a werewolf...

I ship Stydia so hard

"You sure about that?" "It's just glass. Son of a mother freaking..." "What did we learn from that failure?" "That's funny. Wolf's got jokes tonight."

Son of a mother freaking." "What did we learn from that failure? Wolf's got jokes tonight." The hat tho

I love them all though so it's okay

I love everything except stalia because the old teen wolf had no action although i do miss the twins jackson and derek i dont miss allison though i liked her but i just dont miss her besides kira is the cutest best person everrr!

she looks so different

she looks so different

Tyler Posey and Dylan O´Brien

Tyler Posey and Dylan O´Brien

Teen wolf - Posey and Hoechlin prank Dylan O'Brien

Teen wolf - Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin prank Dylan O'Brien

Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, and Holland Roden with their fanarts

How I feel when I fail a test and I come home to my dad.

Imagen de teen wolf, holland roden, and colton haynes

tyler posey

tyler posey is a cutie

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