This is so true T/.\T  we love Itachi :3

Itachi is a hero even if everyone saw him as a killer. He is a silent guardian. The watchful protector. He is the Uchiha Knight.

art project

TAGS: naruto nagato itachi The loneliest people are the kindest The saddest people smile the brightest The most damaged people are the wisest

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Because life's greatest lessons are learned through pain. (Or it could be 'Let's hope it's not in vain.

Itachi IS the greatest Uchiha ever :)

Itachi Uchiha -the best Uchiha xD- Naruto Naruto Shippuden. I personally love itachi, but after I figured out the whole "obito thing" I can't help but love obito slightly

Itachi's first day joining the ANBU I feel like this is just what I needed. And the comments are hilarious!

Itachi - "Because joining the greatest assassination squad in the village is pretty much like the first day of school. And he’s so fucking polite and adorable, holding his little weapon and box of other mass murdering fun.

But you didn't <3 Part 1

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kakashi and guy then and now

Gai and Kakashi.this picture reminds me of shigure and aumy from fruit basket