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I loved this scene!

"Alright, two pillows!" Only Merlin could get away with something like that. :) my entire family laughed at that :D

I love how Bradly just sits there and is silent, like he's not even trying to deny anything XD

Hahaha I love them xD (Colin Morgan : Merlin) (Bradley James : Prince/King Arthur)

Arthur is actually really needy... But I still love him

😭 Of course Arthur noticed when Merlin was gone. Happy Labour Day to all my…”


Why do major network prime-time execs keep feeding us reality crap when there is this type of entertainment to watch? Loved this episode!

Merlin and Arthur: living with a man who consistently thinks he's the best.

Merlin and Arthur Hahahah, jock is on you both! *Because it genually is not a jock that everytime I see a photoset of these two I wanna cry DAMN! it's been 4 months since I watched the end but ahhh

Bradley and Colin

I LOVE Bradley James and Colin Morgan! I just have to ship them too. Not just Merlin and Arthur, but Bradley James and Colin Morgan!