Totoro chart

- Totoro border, originally from knit work, though it might work for embroidering too. / Photo # 16 - Small shemki - anethka

I'm gonna use some of these guys in a filet crochet pattern! Perfect for cross stitch, plastic canvas or like me, "go-byes" for a filet crochet pattern for my kitchen curtains!

Sweater 2, by lbachman12 / Tricksy Knitter

This is a pattern for a knit sweater - maybe this could be repurposed into a peyote/bead weaving pattern? Or if I simplified it, and used extruded squares of polymer clay, could I turn this into a cane?

All The Totoros! PDF patterns attached - CROCHET

Crochet Totoro, Chu Totoro, and Chibi Totoro patterns from the anime Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbhor Totoro)