Empire Day Christmas Pudding.  In the early 20th century, there was a campaign encouraging people to make an "Empire Christmas Pudding" using ingredients from various parts of the Commonwealth.  If you are from a Commonwealth nation, as I am, try to see if it shows up in the ingredient list.  It took me a while, but I found mine.

Empire Marketing Board, poster, the Empire Christmas pudding recipe The National Archives

How to Cook an Alternative Christmas pudding - Recipe for Chestnut Meringue Yule Log

Serving up a delicious dessert is almost as important as the main meal if you really want to impress come Christmas day. For a Christmas dessert that will te.

How To Steam A Christmas or Plum Pudding In A Crockpot.

Christmas Pudding

The versatile American crockpot truly is a wonderful cooking appliance, perfect for steaming a traditional Irish Christmas pudding.

Der Plumpudding darf zum Weihnachtsfest auf keiner britischen Tafel fehlen.

Traditional English Pudding - too late to fit this into my Christmas plans this year but just once I'd like to make a traditional English Christmas pudding.


vicfangirlguide: The front cover of an early century Tom Smith’s catalogue. Tom Smith’s was a highly successful Victorian company whic.

Little Christmas puddings recipe

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Little Christmas puddings recipe - -

Blitz-&-bake sticky toffee Christmas pud

Blitz-&-bake sticky toffee Christmas pud

Blitz-&-bake sticky toffee Christmas pud recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food // May have to try this one!