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Taehyung's life goal. Laughed for 5 min. straight!

Taehyung's life goal // I really wanna watch this.

O.o  What day is it!?

this happened to me once when i was watching all the hobbits movies (all that are made so far) and we watched all 3 lotr

dear god in heaven TAMPON?!?!?!?!? The Crimson Horror is upon us!!!!!!

dear god in heaven TAMPON? The Crimson Horror is upon us!<<< lmao wasn't gonna pin and then I saw this

Hey I was happy because they released it on my birthday I have no complaints

Maybe it was just dancing in a field so Allkpop couldn't say Shinee had the same concept

Taehyung is an angel, but I find this funny

Okay so these are my top biases in KPOP and I literally screamed when I found out about this. That meant two more birthday messages! And this post is hilarious!

"where is the kink list"

I kid you not I feel like this is how it goes down 😂

Where's the lie at tho

*・☪·̩͙ ·˖✶үσυ αяε мү gεт αωαү, үσυ αяε мү ғαvσяιтε ρℓαcε*・☪·̩͙·˖✶ Tae is an actual monster if ya know what I mean😏😏😏

V (BTS) và Zico (Block B) hoảng hốt khi pháo hoa nổ

Idol K-Pop và loạt biểu cảm cực yêu khi thấy pháo hoa nổ

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Everyone really does look older than Sungmin...

Everyone really does look older than Sungmin.jonghyun is taller than suho?

4 me they're like amazingly sexy twins ...you can't deciade who u should date...i mean listen to...

4 me they're like amazingly sexy twins .i mean listen to.