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Pussyfoot Sleepy Kitty Poster

Pussyfoot Sleepy Kitty Poster

Still one of the best cartoons of my childhood…-CLICK ON IMAGE TWICE TO VIEW GIF.    this is probably my most favorite cartoon and of course vintage looney toons

Still one of the best cartoons of my childhood…

Example of Huck's change of heart funny-gif-Looney-Toons-dog-kitten-friends

Marc Anthony gets to keep the kitty!  Love this Looney Tune classic

Marc Anthony in 'Feed The Kitty'. One of the best Looney Toones ever written. Hardly any dialouge but who needs it when you have a kitten in a little car?

An interesting monster should have an interesting hairdo, I always say.

Splitting Hares, Taken from the episode "Hair-Raising Hare" which is the first appearance of the monster Gossamer (he's big red one wearing the tennis shoes).